Risk Warning: Financial trading in a leveraged product may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Leveraged trading is not suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved prior to trading.

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Berkeley offers eSignal, a premier trading platform with Direct Market Access (DMA) to 25 futures and options exchanges and 44 Executable Streaming Price (ESP) forex currency pairs. Equipped with global market data and analytical tools, eSignal's functionality is suitable for institutions and private investors alike. eSignal is renowned for containing all its features in one single, portable platform.

Key features of eSignal:

  • Trade futures, options and forex
  • Real-time profit & loss monitoring of open positions
  • Fast and reliable access to extensive history and research
  • Real-time global market data including foreign exchange, futures and options, equities, and commodities delivered via the internet or private networks
  • Data can be exported to Excel using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
  • Back testing and strategy analyzer offers a total performance perspective and ability to dissect individual trades
  • Advanced charting capabilities including technical indicators, a Formula Wizard, and line drawing tools. A key asset is the Stretch Chart - a 1-day chart showing the pattern of the day
  • Share your information with worldwide eSignal users via the File Sharing feature
  • Time alerts to notify users when the market opens and closes
  • High volume data coping mechanisms such as hibernating unused symbols (yet it will never hibernate any symbols for which alerts are set)
  • Global weather maps covering US Agriculture, US and European Energy, and the World Coffee Crop
  • eSignal's Continuous Contracts feature enables you to monitor all active contracts with one symbol
  • Portability enabled by easy connectivity (only requirements are an 800 MHz PC and an Internet connection)
  • User-friendly front-end trading interface with integrated direct access training
  • Simple and free software upgrades
  • Variety of delivery methods significantly reducing the cost of providing data

eSignal, Advanced GET Edition

eSignal, Advanced GET Edition, is a unique, award-winning combination of:

  • Market data and decision support for trading stocks,
    futures, options and forex
  • Professional, proprietary indicators

Used by individual traders and institutions worldwide, Advanced GET builds a solid mechanical system on the most profitable pieces of 2 market theories.

With these indicators, you can make a plan based on sound strategy and stick to it. More than software, it is techniques consistently applied using the best information and the right tools.

Advanced GET gives you the power to:

  • Quickly identify trends
  • Determine entry / exit / support / resistance targets to plan your moves
  • View the predicted performance of your portfolio in multiple time frames
  • Manage risk to reward
  • Master market uncertainty
  • Use exclusive, rule-based approaches with confidence backed by expert coaching